Selling A Home



When it comes time to sell your property, The Mitten Group is a full service, cutting-edge real estate team that doesn't just go the extra mile to sell your home.  We go the extra mile, stop and talk to some people who might be interested in buying your house, keep driving down the road until we find some more people, tell them about your house, and so on until we come back with a carload of buyers ready to tour your property.




First Place Marketing

When buyers are shopping for property, they consider lots of options.  We encourage our buyers to make a list of the properties that they like the most, ranking them in order. While being second or third in the running might be a nice compliment, it doesn't get your property sold.  Our exclusive First Place Marketing Plan is a comprehensive approach to putting your property at the top of every buyer's list.  This process starts before a member of FHG even leaves your home after the first visit and continues until we arrive at the closing table.  



Reach More Buyers

The Mitten Group knows how to put your property in front of buyers.  Our team of selling experts covers all four corners of the buyer's market.  

1)  We are in regular contact with the region's most active buyer's agents. 

2) Working with the rest of our Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Family, we have a large and influential reach into regional print marketing. 

3) We have the most dynamic and active digital presence of any team in Northern Michigan, putting any property we list out on a number of social platforms and third-party party real estate websites, our team website, just to name a few. 

4) Our team has a large and active buyer community that we work to represent, so any property we list for sale finds an exclusive first look audience there.



Higher Sale Prices

Because The Mitten Group spends so much time making sure that we are up to date on the latest market statistics, we are able to give our sellers insight into exactly what the market will bear.  Armed with this knowledge, we develop a pricing strategy that will ultimately lead to better negotiating, better terms, and at the end of the day, more money in the pockets of our sellers.